Friday, November 27, 2009

How can such a big horse disappear in his field.

This is the view from outside our dining room window. I can always look out it to check on TAZ, but there are times I swear that he is hiding from me just to freak me out and make me come out to check on him thusly he gets extra attention. I will look and look and not see him and then I go outside to find this.......

exact same location just different angle. But he gets his attention and that's all he wants.

TAZ & Kirstin having some fun!

TAZ has the most beautiful mane. It now is past his neck line and has the prettiest wave in it.

Kirstin goofing off with TAZ.

TAZ getting a little kiss from Kirstin.

TAZ is such a big guy-look at the size of his head against Kirstin. He's the world's biggest puppy dog, at least he follows us around like a puppy dog. If anyone is out in his field-he is right there beside you, he just loves to be with people.

TAZ still has the most amazingly smooth lope and trot. Even in this old round pen where the sand is super deep. He's a little out of shape so Kirstin has been gradually increasing his work out times. But, he loves to ride-you put the saddle on him and he is ready to go where you want him to go. No questions, no balking just point me in the direction and I will go!

Still has a pretty good stop also. Notice the smoke in the background. Kirstin's dad was burning leaves-when you have 100 acres of oak trees-you have a ton of leaves. TAZ isn't fazed by fire, Kirstin can walk him right up to it. Look at that mane flying in the breeze.

Krypt & Dyno, Kirstin & Daniel

Kirstin & Kryptonite just riding around. Look at that no saddle. Kryptonite just enjoys being ridden. He takes on a whole new appearance when someone is on his back. He is so laid back and just goes with the flow. Daniel of course had to jump on with his Aunt Kiki. Daniel is our cowboy in training. He absolutely loves horses-already taking after his Aunt.

Dyno's turn with Daniel. He's probably wondering what the heck's hanging on his neck.

Too cute for words.

Daniel gets a kiss from Dyno.