Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday-Auction day!

 Sunday was Auction day!  Kirstin and Remy were the fourth horse in the auction ring.  Being a yearling, people just weren't interested in her.  Not one single person bid on her.  Even at just $125 there was no one that wanted a very well trained yearling. Kirsin was heart broken when she left the arena because she knew that if no one stepped up to adopt her, Remy would go back to the BLM and all the work that she did would have been wasted.  The Mustang Heritage Foundation had her come back in the arena and offered to pay the adoption fee if someone was willing to give Remy a loving home.

Kirstin was brought back into the arena.  She demostrated Remy's skills, sidepassing, backing, trotting at a lead, stopping, turning.  Remy does it all very well, she just didn't do well for the show.  Finally a nice lady raised her hand and took Remy.  At least Kirstin knows that Remy is going to a good home.  She was able to speak with the new owner briefly and was assured that she will be well loved and taken care of. 

Goodbyes are always the hardest part of these shows.  Many asked why we didn't want to take this horse home.  Simple we already own 6 other horses and the reason Kirstin does the makeovers is not to get a cheap horse, but to hopefully introduce people to what she already knows; that the Mustang is a wonderful horse and partner.

Tennessee Extreme Makeover

  We arrived very late on Thursday the evening before the competition.  This didn't allow for much time for Remy to adjust to her new surroundings.  The horses; with all of the neighing in the barn, were really making her very nervous and you could tell that by watching her in the stall.  One of the main disadvantages to living on a farm and not stalling your horse at a stable.  Another huge disadvantage that Kirstin and Remy faced was the fact that we never took her anywhere off of the farm so the long trip and the new surroundings really added to the overload.  We knew better from past experience, but we simply ran out of time.  Kirstin has been so busy with her senior year that something always seemed to be on her schedule.   All that considered, I guess Remy did alright.  However, she would not load on the trailer which was a shocker since she has been loading on a trailer since week 2 and she wouldn't back which was a bigger shocker since Kirstin really focused on backing and Remy is a good backer. 
Walk thru for the in hand portion of the show
 Catch and release portion of the in hand course.  Remy did alright but she really liked being set free and didn't want to be caught.

 In hand portion.  Remy was extremely nervous.  Mostly our fault since we were never able to get her off the farm to any other competitions.  We know from past experience that the taking them to other shows is extremely important to the horse being able to calm down.  She was nervous until the auction which was on Sunday.   She did great at the auction.

Kirstin wanted to do a Breast Cancer Awareness theme for her stall decorations.  She had a banner at the top that read "Fight Like a Girl!"