Monday, January 31, 2011

Kirstin rides Patriot!!!!!

This was just this past weekend, Saturday 1/29 & 1/30. Kirstin started out very slowly just getting Patriot used to having her above him and then worked to getting him used to having her weight on him. She was really unsure about getting on top of him completely. Just wasn't sure what his reaction would be. She remembered his first reaction to having the saddle on him-he had quite a bit of buck at that time.
He seemed OK with her full weight on him, so with a litte help from her dad and boyfriend Kirstin made the leap all the way over to his back.

He was a little dancy prancy so with a little bit of help from some hay, he stood still and let Kirsin set on his back. She moved all around his back just letting him get used to the feel of a person on top of him.

Sunday was all Kirstin. She put the bridle on him-first time for that- and then got on him. He had no problems today with her being up on him. He even moved on cue and was responding to the bridle when Kirstin asked him for a turn.

She tried giving him a hug, but it just made him lower his head.

Walking around, getting used to the leg cues and rein cues. She is taking it slow as he is still very young. But she as super excited that he didn't have any big problems with someone being on his back.