Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept. 13, 2011

Remy appears to be flying.  Kirstin's dad is in the process of building some new jumps for her.  This is one of the jumps, there will be a series of 4

Remy trotting over the posts.  Love Remy's head carriage.  She has a very natural, low head carriage. 

Look at this surprise that was in front of our garage.  This is a baby copperhead snake frozen in the striking position.  It was dead and we are not sure why it froze in this position-coiled with his mouth wide open.  The only thing that we can figure is that it got caught under a tire and coiled up like that and died.  Either that or someone is playing a very, very horrible trick on me! EWW, I HATE snakes!!!! esp. poisonous snakes.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

Remy Sept 11, 2011

 Remy has come so far since Kirstin picked her up in July.  Isn't she a beautiful horse. 
Working on the side pass.  Kirstin can side pass Remy around the square.  It isn't the best yet but she is working on it daily.  Hopefully by show time, she will be able to do a nice side pass all the way around the square. 

Sept 2, 2011 Tarp training +

 Kirstin introduced Remy to the tarp.  She doesn't mind walking across the tarp and will even run across the tarp however, she isn't to fond of the tarp being placed on her. 
 With a little bit of help from Kirstin's boyfriend, they were able to desensitize her enough that were able to lay the tarp over her neck.  But, she still doesn't like it very much.  She will require a little bit more work on this one area.

Kirstin was showing how Remy doesn't mind having her legs handled.  She lifted up her hoof and then stretched Remy's leg out a little.  Remy liked being stretched like that. 

Aug 26, 2011 Remy checking out the heifers next door.

 There are a few heifers that we keep on our place.  Remy doesn't see these very often so one day when they happened by during training, Remy was more than just a little interested in getting a closer look at these creatures.  She approached slowly at first and then...
she stuck her head through the fence to get an even closer look.