Monday, September 20, 2010

Patriot's first show 9/18

Patriot's second outing, first show. We took advantage of a local horse show in town to expose Patriot to a show environment. When we first arrived, he was a little nervous, but it took him about 2 minutes to calm down. This was a pretty big show with a lot of horses. But that didn't bother Patriot at all. He ended placing 3rd in the halter class and 7th in showmanship. Pretty awesome for this little guy.
Showmanship class. Keep in mind that Kirstin does not show horses, so this is all new to her. The judge really liked Patriot she said that he reminded her of a horse that she used to own when she was younger. She especially loved his ears. He has the cutest ears ever.

This was the beginning of the showmanship class, Kirstin was waiting her turn to go.

She entered a color class as well, but didn't place in that class. This is from the color class.
There is little Patriot and Kirstin waiting to go into the color class. Notice all of the horses around Patriot and notice how calm he is. Even when horses backed into him, he would just turn his head as if to say, hey watch where you are going!

Going back to the stall. His first time ever on cement. That didn't bother him one bit. He even walked through water puddles without a problem.

Halter class.

Beginning of halter class.

Getting love from Kirstin and Jamie.

Just a waitin around.
We were really proud of Kirstin and Patriot. Patriot was very well behaved, acting better than many of the seasoned show horses there. Kirstin didn't go there expecting to walk away with any ribbons, so she was thrilled to get the two that she received. She is now more confident than ever about how Patriot will behave at the real show. She also got to pinpoint some things that she still needs to work on, like trotting at a lead and sidepassing.

Patriot's first outing.

Took Patriot to the arena on Sunday; 9/12. This was his very first outing, very first trailering since pick up and he did wonderful. Kirstin was a little concerned that he might be a little nervous, but it was like he had been going to the arena on a daily basis.
He even trotted very nicely. Kirstin is still having issues with the trot, but I think he's getting it.

We did trailer him with Mr. Reliable; himself. Trigger is the most level headed horse in the world. He is Mr. Reliable, we turn to him anytime we need help. We did have to separate them though, because Mr. Patriot kept wanting to nuzzle Trigger's side which Trigger mistook for a bite. Didn't want to take any chances. It was a fantastic trip. Patriot was very calm the entire way and he got to meet all of the horses from Kirstin's drill team. Great Exposure. Everyone loved him.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kirstin hasn't done much this week. On Tuesday she had oral surgery to remove 2 teeth and to have an impacted tooth exposed. Now the orthodontist gets to manipulate the impacted tooth into place. Sounds like a ton of fun doesn't it. She is still very sore and swollen from the procedure. Today was her first day back at school. She attempted going back yesterday, but was in too much pain so she called us to pick her up. She didn't train much at all, yesterday she spent about 15 minutes with Patriot and that is all the training he has had this week. But, even still he is doing fantastic. Things should get back to normal this weekend.

Monday, September 6, 2010

TAZ & Kirstin

Kirstin is runnig for the Posse Rodeo Queen. They have to do a reigning pattern. She hopes to use TAZ. He is a smooth riding horse, he has fantastic lead changes, spins and has the look to boot. TAZ did not like the house next to the arena. She plans to practice with both TAZ and Kryptonite so that she has a back up horse. Both are former EMM contestants. TAZ from 2008 and Kryptonite from 2009.

Monday, Sept 6, 2010

Trailer training. Patriot loads into the trailer without a problem. Kirstin can lead him onto the trailer or drive him onto the trailer. Today, her dad moved the trailer around a little bit just to see what Patriots reaction would be. He was OK, but a little more work needs to be done before we hit the road.
Putting a little bit of weight on Patriot.

Leaning completely over Patriot.

Fun stuff

Introducing Patriot to the big ball. He is not terribly sure, but is willing to let Kirstin play around.

Kirsin's nephew; Daniel, giving Patriot a kiss! Isn't that cute!

Patriot checking Daniel and the big ball out.

More new stuff for Patriot.

Hey what are you doing? But, it didn't seem to bother him one bit. The look on his face was so funny.
Intro to the saddle. Dad is helping Kirstin out with this one. He is just holding on just in case Patriot is against having the saddle on his back.

No big deal with this one either.

Walking around with the saddle on.

Lungeing with the saddle on.

Removing the saddle. None of this was any big deal for Patriot. He just does not care what Kirstin does with him.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here's the latest update. As you can tell, Patriot is having no trouble learning new stuff. He's picking up the pivoting in the box nicely.

Introducing the saddle pad to Patriot....

Doesn't even faze him....

Kirstin even leaned up against him with the saddle pad and he was as calm as ever.
And then....the dreaded horse eating tarp...

"You want me to do WHAT on this horse eating tarp?"

"So this blue won't eat me....right?"
Walking all over the tarp...after he realized it doesn't eat horses
"Okay so I've conquered walking over the horse eating tarp... now what am I suppose to do? Wait, wear what?"
Like this?

"NUH-UH!!!! No way!! I thought this blue thing wasn't going to eat me!!!!" maybe if I stand real still it won't eat me....maybe...maybe it'll just go away...