Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things have slowed down a bit since my last entry. My training has been cut in half because of my schedule. I now only have time in the evening to train. I am progressing nicely with all three yearlings. I can now pick up Mia's and Halona's hooves and even clean them. Traveller will let me down is front hooves, but is still a little unsure of anything to do with his hind end, I suspect it has something to do with the gelding experience. We are working on backing up and standing still. Halona is great at standing still regardless of how far away I get from her, but Mia is such a people horse, that she wants to be right next to you all of the time. Traveller at this point is showing the most improvement. I have had his halter on him now for only 3 weeks, and I can lead him, back him, & he stands quietly. His only pet peeve is his hind legs, but I am working on getting to that area. We are going to be attending another clinic in the near future. Each time we go somewhere new, it helps all of us. The horses get used to going to different places and I get to learn something new each time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm getting a late start on this, but I live out in the middle of nowhere and my computer access is very slow and limited. I have had my Mustangs for almost 2 months now and I feel like we have progressed nicely. I received two fillies-one named Miakoda which means Power of the Moon and Halona which means Happy Fortune and one gelding named Traveller. Miakoda is a very large yearling already measuring over 14 1/2 hands, she shows signs of having some kind of draft horse in her. The other two are a little bit smaller. Mia was the first to come around, within two weeks I had her loving people. The other two tested me in ways I have never experienced. Both were very aggressive, using their front hooves as weapons. They both managed to get their halters off 1 week after I brought them home so I wasn't able to do much with them. My parents finally decided to get a little help from a local trainer. Two weeks ago, 7/12, we took all of them to Able Garcia's stables. With his help we were able to get halters on and over the next two weeks I have taken them from wild to willing. They both now lead, tie, and trailer. Mia is still a little ahead of the other two. Mia loves water, I was able to spray her down within a couple of weeks. I have only one problem with Mia and that is she doesn't like to trot or run-too big I guess. She leads, ties, picks up hooves, trailers, bathes, will stand on a podium, but I'm worried about the trotting portion of the in hand class. I am pleased with what I have accomplished up to now.