Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Comal County Sheriffs Posse Court

Duchess Shelby Nichel, Queen Daniela McCarthy and Princess Kirstin Koehler

Kirstin and Kryptonite getting ready for the main drill performance. They were lead team for this performance. Krytonite is starting to really like drill team performances.

CCSP Playday 4/23/2011

Trigger loves to run barrels and he always give 150% when he sees those barrels come out.

Kirstin is still working with Kryptonite on speed events such as barrels and poles. He is not super fast just yet, but she is also holding him back a little while he is learning. He has fantastic lead changes though.

Kirstin shares her love of horses! 4/23/2011

CCSP playday shortly after the drill performance. Kirstin and her boyfriend; Levi, are cooling down the horses. Both of her horses were in the drill. Kirstin has been working on Kryptonite and this is the first year that he will be her main drill horse. Her old drill horse; Trigger, was borrowed by another drill team member whose horse isn't ready to perform in a drill. Kirstin was so proud of her boys; both Kryptonite & Trigger, they were awesome. Trigger was one of the lead horses for the grand entry and Kryptonite & Kirsting were the lead horse/rider for the regular drill.

Look at those smiles. They love spending time together!!!

Kirstin's life is not all about horses!!! Prom 4/16/2011

For those of you who have followed Kirstin through the years, this will be hard to believe. She is a junior. She started her Mustang training when she was just 14 years old and many of you have watched her grow up through this blog. She can ditch the blue jeans and boots and slip on a dress on a very rare occasion-Prom being one of those. Her and her boyfriend(Yes, boyfriend-very nice guy-you all would approve!) went to prom and had a blast.

But isn't she gorgeous all dolled up!!!!