Friday, December 5, 2008

Must be nice to be young and have no fear!

Thanksgiving morning and Kirstin announces she is going to ride Taz bareback with only the bridle on, but no reins. Her she is stopping him.

Kirstin loves to ride Taz bareback. He has such a smooth gait, that he is actually comfortable to ride bareback. Impeccable balance-finally those English riding lessons Kirstin took when she was just 4 years old are paying off. We lived in Germany at that time and the stable we went to only did English lessons. She doesn't ride English anymore, but many of the lessons can be applied to Western riding.

They both are so comfortable with each other.

Kirstin & Taz never cease to amaze us. Kirstin is so at home on a horse's back and you can see it in the way horses behave for her. I can't help but be in awe when a person has command of such a big animal without being overbearing or domineering. They seem to speak to one another and understand what each is asking of each other.

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Eric Clayton said...

Great stuff. Keep up the good work. I went ahead and put a link to you on my blog, hope you dont mind.