Monday, January 19, 2009

Kirstin's other Mustang-Sakari

Kirstin's experience with the yearlings & Taz has given her a new sense of determination to break Sakari. We adopted Sakari for Kirstin 3 years ago and we sent her off to be trained 2 years ago, only to have her returned $1200 later worse than what she was when she left. When she left Kirstin(who at that time was only 12) was able to throw a saddle blanket on her and put a surcingle on her, when she came back she would have nothing to do with a saddle blanket or much of anything else. So after that Sakari has just been what my husband calls a pasture ornament. She has a very sweet demeanor, but she is still very intune with her wild side.

Flagging is something Sakari hates. She never has liked anything flying-flapping around her. She was very nervous with this when Kirstin stated this exercise, but as you can see, she is starting to accept that the flag is not going to eat her.

Job well done. Sakari loves to have her head scratched. I don't know if you can see her mane, but she has the most beautiful mane, it goes all the way down to her mid-shoulder. She's not a real big horse only about 13.5-14 hands and this past fall she got very overweight-she's a very easy keeper. Kirstin has been longeing her on a regular basis and she is starting to look really good. Kirstin longes her without using a longe line and has already trained her to stop and face her, turn when asked and come to her when she clucks. It's really neat to watch the two of them.

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