Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dyno's turn with the flag!

Kirstin and her older sister worked with the flag with Dynamite. As you can see he wasn't in the least bit bothered by it. He also looks great carrying the American Flag, doesn't he?

After the work, came the play. The 2 girls went for a long, leisurely ride. Here they are coming back from down the road. I went outside to snap this photo and all I heard were the two of them singing at the top of their lungs. Jamie is holding up her phone which is playing the music they were listening to while they rode. Too funny, but I love to see the 2 of them getting along so nicely. Horses are the best medicine for just about anything including sisterly friendship.

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Hoof'n It said...

Normally I am okay living away from family, and losing the common interest of horses...but the more I see Kirstin and Jamie, the more I wish they were close again. This is a good brings back great memories of when we were kids.

I love you guys!
Lots of hugs to you all!

Karen and Tripp