Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mustang Adoption-Seguin, TX-2/12 & 2/13/10

This past weekend the BLM brought their mustangs to Seguin for an adoption. Thanks to a good friend of our(thank Karen) we had read about her taking her mustang to adoptions for meet & greets. Kirstin contacted the BLM and they were more than happy to have her bring one of her Mustangs for the meet & greet. Our plan originally was to take TAZ on Friday and Kryptonite on Saturday. Even the best laid plans get changed. Friday morning TAZ would have nothing to do with getting on the trailer. Kirstin has to practice trailer loading every week and TAZ has been jumping right onto the trailer every time. But Friday morning he was having nothing to do with it. Kirstin was really disappointed as she feels that TAZ emits personality and people are drawn to him. I, on the other hand feel that all things happen for a reason-fate. We might not know right away what that reason is. We turned to Mr. Reliable-Kryptonite. He jumped right on. Krypt is normally not a horse that openly shows his personality-he takes a while to warm up to you. But not on this day. We got to the adoption and Krypt was like a different horse. He became Mr. Personality. People coming up to him and Kirstin all day and he loved every minute of it. These pictures are from both days and are in no particular order.

Friday before the adoption began. Kirstin, 2 of her friends and her sister volunteered all day. They were there first thing to help feed and water the mustangs.

This was the only thing that freaked Krypt out. The table cloth was flapping in the wind. But once Kirstin got him up to the table he was fine with it.

Some guy taking footage for U-tube. Interviewed Kirstin and

asked her to ride him around.

Young and old were curious about the mustang.

This lady spent about an hour loving on Kryptonite.

One of the many pony rides that Krypt gave.
You have to click on this picture and the one below to
see this little girl's expression on her face, it says it all!

Another pony ride.

Local newspaper taking pictures.

More pony rides

Too cute!!!!!!!!

First ride!!!!!

Both days were great. At the end of the adoption, I was a little teary eyed to see so many not be adopted. Believe me if I had the room and the money I would love to take them all in. Kirstin and Krypt did what they came to do-promote the mustang. They did a wonderful job. A lot of
people spent time talking to Kirstin.

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Karen C. said...

YAY!!!!! I was going to send you an e-mail, then thought I would check the blog first. Great job to Kirstin and Kryp! I love all the pictures, but the pony ride ones are my favorites! I am hoping Tripp is as calm at ours so kids can sit on him too. He loves kids, he just might need to be reminded that he loves them. Ha ha!
We are getting 40 mustangs at our adoption, and I hope it is successful. Like yourself, when I see so many that do not get homes, I get real heavy inside.
But like you said - Kirstin did what she came to do, and those people might not be adopters today, but they very well might be adopters in the future.

Hugs to you all!!!!!
Karen and Tripp