Monday, April 5, 2010


Maddie is really coming along quite nicely. She has her off days as do we, but Kirstin has no problem working her through those days.

At a trot. Maddie goes into a trot quite easily now. She didn't always though. She would be the happiest horse in the world if she could walk everywhere she went.

At a canter. Kirstin has been working up to this. She doesn't stay in a canter for long, but Kirstin has been able to increase the time-we made half a round pen, know let's go a full round pen, etc... Maddie is definitely one of those horses that can not be pushed, she doesn't do anything dangerous, she just gets confused easily. The canter has been slow to come, but Kirstin wants to make sure that Maddie is confident in what she is doing because one of these days Maddie is going to be carrying 2 young girls.

The back. Maddie had no clue how to back in the beginning. Now she backs softly on cue.

Another thing Maddie didn't do real well before Kirstin got a hold of her-picking up her hooves. Maddie now lets Kirstin pick up her hooves. She hasn't perfected it yet, but she is standing more quietly with each day. Maddie is a very sweet horse, who loves to be with people. She will make a wonderful horse for the 2 little girls who are waiting for Kirstin to finish her out.

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