Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update on Patriot

Below are some pics of Kirstin and Patriot from the past couple of weeks. Patriot is doing so well. He is a very level headed horse and nothing really seems to faze him. Kirstin has now trailer loaded Patriot. She was very shocked when he followed behind her the very first time she attempted loading him. I simply told her that's what happens when you have solid ground training done and that you have really earned his trust. She has been doing a lot of work above Patriot to get him used to having people eventually above him. She did lean on him just to see what type of reaction she would get. She even put her full weight on him and he didn't seem to care. Obviously, due to his age, he is no where near ready to be ridden, but a little prep work can't hurt. Kirstin is back in school, so training is only once a day now, but Patriot is a quick learner and a hard worker so I don't expect that to affect either of them.
So these are in reverse order, but you get the jest of the pictures. Kirstin standing on the barrel decides she wants to see what would happen if she leaned on him and then decided to hang over his back. No big deal!

Second attempt at trailer loading. Patriot follows Kirstin right on to the trailer. He wasn't too sure about backing out of the trailer. He would get to the very end, put 1 hind hoof on the ground and then go right back on the trailer, so Kirstin turned him around and he walks off the trailer so nicely.

Even paused for a bite of grass.

Backing is coming along quite nicely.

The very first attempt to load Patriot. He walked right on behind Kirstin. He really trust her.

Ponying with Kirstin's horse Trigger.

I can jump higher than you!!! More spooking in place.

Spray down after a workout. Sure feels good to have the cool water splashing on them.

Patriot loves to be sprayed in the mouth.

Checking out the trailer the day before attempting the first loading.

Not too sure about this thing.

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