Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things have slowed down a bit since my last entry. My training has been cut in half because of my schedule. I now only have time in the evening to train. I am progressing nicely with all three yearlings. I can now pick up Mia's and Halona's hooves and even clean them. Traveller will let me down is front hooves, but is still a little unsure of anything to do with his hind end, I suspect it has something to do with the gelding experience. We are working on backing up and standing still. Halona is great at standing still regardless of how far away I get from her, but Mia is such a people horse, that she wants to be right next to you all of the time. Traveller at this point is showing the most improvement. I have had his halter on him now for only 3 weeks, and I can lead him, back him, & he stands quietly. His only pet peeve is his hind legs, but I am working on getting to that area. We are going to be attending another clinic in the near future. Each time we go somewhere new, it helps all of us. The horses get used to going to different places and I get to learn something new each time.

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Karen C. said...

Okay, it never occurred to me that being touchy around the hind end could be related to the gelding experience...you might be on to something.
Tripp is hit and miss with the back legs and hooves. I can brush his back legs no problem now, but it took me a long time to get there. I have cleaned them out twice, but those were the only two times I felt he was not going to swing them at me.

I think it is great you get to go to clinics too. Wish I would have started doing stuff like this when I was your age! Better to start now at my age than never tho - right? :-) (I am 43...don't tell anyone) Hee hee!

Karen and Tripp