Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb 1, 2009 cont'd

These pictures were actually taken early in the morning. Mark had the participants sidepassing their horses up to whatever they could. Kirstin had already sidepassed Taz up to our truck and took a soda out of the ice chest and side passed him up to the trailer, gates, etc. Taz isn't real fond of getting real close to other horses, so Kirstin decided to sidepass up to Mark. Of course it was a great picture opportunity with both Taz & Christian. I do believe Taz has grown a little since our last clinic.

Mark & Christian and Kirstin & Taz

This was such an amazing experience for both Kirstin & Taz. By the end of it they were both very tired on Sunday evening. Kirstin learned some valuable lessons, most importantly she learned that no matter what, she can control this huge animal. There were a couple of times that Taz showed his "wild" side. One time was when Mark was dragging a very noisy thing behind his horse trying to make a track for the horses to follow and Taz didn't like it at all. Taz's response was to whirl around very fast. Mark taught Kirstin how to prevent that whirl around, that it was ok for Taz to back up from something that scares him, but it was not ok to whirl around-he needs to face his fears. That has been Taz's M-O when it comes to scary things-whirl around. We have been lucky, he has never taken off with Kirstin because that is normally what comes after the whirl around & Kirstin has always stayed in the saddle. Kirstin is now armed with the knowledge to prevent the whirl around.

Kirstin also learned that she babies Taz just a little too much, lets him get away with too much. So this clinic reminded her that no matter how much she loves this horse, she has to remember that he has so much power behind him and that if she wants to stay safe, she needs to control that power. He is such a sweet horse that it's easy to start babying him. By the time it was all over Taz was reminded that Kirstin IS in control and he listened to her very well.


Karen C. said...

Oh man, I guess we are never too old to learn. Okay, I really did know that...but when I do learn something - like I can't baby Tripp too much and I know I do - I am glad for the lesson! Reminders are good.
I have to tell ya, Kirstin looks GREAT on Taz! I think he has filled out too. It would be interesting to post a picture of them right after he came home with you, and now.
How fun to get to do a clinic with Mark! I am jealous...but in a good way. :-)

I hope you all are doing good!

Until later...Karen and Tripp

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

With horses like Taz & Tripp it's hard to remember that they shouldn't be babied. I can remember the first clinic we went to & I asked Careen if she taught Taz how to take treats so tenderly & she said, "you give him treats!" Guilty, I give him an occasional treat and he gets hugs from us(some say you shouldn't do that either)and so much attention that it's not even funny and he loves every minute of it. But when Kirstin is working with him whether on the ground or on his back she now knows that is when the babying stops and Taz seems to be in agreement with that arrangement.
Mark is a great clinician. He relates a lot of horse training to raising kids. He's a lot of fun and very interesting. We consider ourselves very lucky that Kirstin has been able to attend 2 of his clinics. Kirstin has learned soooo much, has met so many wonderful people & Taz has been exposed to so much.
Hope your trip is going well.
Until later...