Monday, February 2, 2009

January 31, cont'd

This was the main reason we wanted Kirstin & Taz at this clinic. They were going on a trail ride that went down the creek posing a lot of challenges for both Kirstin & Taz. To begin with Taz was having nothing to do with going down the hillside into the creek. You will have to look at the pics from Febuary 1 to see what they went down to get to here. Mark actually jumped on Taz's back to show Taz exactly what was expected of him and then he "jumped on Kirstin's back" for not making Taz listen to her. By the time he was done with Taz, Taz went down the hillside for Kirstin.

At this point Kirstin is a little on the nervous side. She was coming back from the trail ride and Taz was in 5th gear-trucking a long at a rather quick pace. They had gone down a very narrow cliffside trail that was big enough for 1 horse and then in the creek itself-up to Taz's stomach.

These 2 pictures show Kirstin & Taz coming up the hill that Taz initally wouldn't go down. Taz managed the hillsides with ease. Of course, he's used to rough terrain-he was in his element. I really didn't worry much about them going out without me being there, because I knew Mark was there and who better to make sure that everything would be OK.

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Karen C. said...

Wow, some of those trail shots would look real neat in black & white in a collage photo - maybe a frame that holds 3 pictures. Yes, I like that idea. :-)
Sounds like the clinic was wonderful for horse and rider! I am hoping to get to do something like that with Tripp! We both need it.
Hugs to you all!

Karen and Tripp