Monday, April 6, 2009

Kirstin works with her other Mustang-Sakari

Sakari is Kirstin's first Mustang. We adopted Sakari for Kirstin's 12th birthday. Kirstin is determined to break her. She is a very sweet horse, but still very much in touch with her wild side. She only lets Kirstin work with her, she will lead but not much else. At one point Kirstin had her accepting a saddle blanket and surcingle, but we made the mistake of sending her to someone to be trained, only to get her back worse than before.

Sakari is very leary of anything be thrown around her, so it took a little while to get this rope over her back.

Amazingly enough she is allowing Kirstin to do this. Kirstin looped the rope around Sakari's stomach and then swung it back & forth. Sakari was a little put off by it, but she stood still.

This is what Kirstin was working towards. Sakari loves to have her front legs handled, to the point of having Kirstin stretch them out, but doesn't want anything near her rear hooves. This took several tries before Sakari realized that if she just stands still the pressure will magically go away. This was a huge step for both.

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