Monday, April 6, 2009

Taz & Trigger

It's a tight squeeze, but they both fit. Kirstin is wanting to take both Trigger & Taz to her drill team practice this week, but they had never been loaded together. At first we didn't think that Trigger would fit. We loaded Taz & he is so huge, he takes up over half the trailer. But Taz soon settled into his normal position which is curved into the nose of the trailer, for whatever reason that is where he likes to ride-he likes to see where he's been. So we loaded Trigger on. We weren't real sure what Taz's reaction would be-we have never trailered another horse behind him. But, he did wonderful-Just stood there like it was nothing. Trigger on the other hand kept a close eye on Taz's hindquarter-it was really funny to watch him. I could almost read his mind "I hope that huge leg stays on the ground." Of course, Taz was a perfect gentleman as always and was quite accommodating to the cramped quarters.

Kirstin showing her brother's girlfriend that she can ride Taz bridleless. This was right after we had loaded the two horses so Taz was just in his halter & lead rope. Kirstin jumped on his back and was riding him just using the lead rope, so she unclipped the rope. Funny story to tell here, Kirstin's brother's(Derrick) girlfriend(Jessica) came over for the first time last week. We told Derrick to take her outside & introduce her to Taz. We then told her that Taz was a Mustang. The first thing out of her mouth was is he wild & mean. Quite the contrare we told her, Taz is the sweetest horse that we have ever known.

Later that day, it was Jessica's turn to ride. Kirstin saddled Taz up & showed Jessica what he could do-sidepassing, spinning, backing just by jiggling her spurs. I think she was impressed. Jess has had a couple of years of English riding lessons, so she had to adjust slightly-mainly with the reins but she did a great job.

Taz was his usual self-a perfect gentleman. He listened to everything Jessica asked him. I think she really enjoyed riding him and now she can tell all of her friends that she got to ride a Mustang.

Taz was really busy today. He carried 3 different riders and he did a wonderful job. When you consider he is such a young horse but he adjusted so well to the different riding style of each of them just speaks volumes for this horse.

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Karen C. said...

Great job Taz! It sure is easy to forget that he was just a wild child less than a year go... Back when humans were scary two leggeds.

Karen and Tripp