Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our newest additions-Fist Full of Dynamite & Kriptonite

Introducing our two newest additons to our growing Mustang family. We brought home from the Extreme Mustang Makeover Fist Full of Dynamite(Dyno). He was trained by Joe Weitekamp and placed very high in the Idols prelimanary and competed in the Idols finals where they place 10th overall. Kriptonite was trained my Matt Replogle. Anyone who knows Matt, knows that he rode his horse both last year and this year from Las Vegas, so he really has a lot of miles on him. Kriptonite placed 11th. Both are so laid back and the girls are really enjoying them.

Kirstin riding Dyno who is very easy going.

Kirstin riding Kriptonite, who is also very easy going. We gave both horses most to the week off, they were exhausted from the show, the girls are riding them daily now.

Kirstin's sister, Jamie, riding Kriptonite. Kriptonite reminds Jamie of her favorite horse that we had to put to sleep several years ago.

Kirstin & Dyno just posing for the camera.

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Hoof'n It said...

YAY! Pictures of the new mustangs! Beautiful girls on beautiful horses! I also think it is neat that Jamie is reminded of her other horse...there just might be a match made in heaven there. :-)

See ya!
Karen and Tripp