Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Manicure for the boys

Friday, all of the boys on the place got a manicure. We were a little concerned about Kryptonite and Dynamite as we have not had to have their hooves done since bringing them home. We are very fortunate and live in sand so usually all that is needed is shaping. Kirstin and Jamie have been working with both Krypt and Dyno. Krypt is perfectly fine with anyone handling his hooves so we weren't too terribly worried about him, but Dyno had been fighting the girls when they attempted to pick up a hind foot, kicking out and then when they would pick up a front hoof, he would attempt to bow. Well, on Friday our farrier came out and she went straight to work. She started with our old gelding, Trigger who picks up his hooves for you. All he needed was shaping. Next was Krypt-no problem at all with him. He got a trim and shaping. Dyno came after Krypt and I was surprised to hear that he did relatively well. He did attempt to kick out when Sara picked up his hind hoof, but she is very patient and held on. When she was doing his front hooves, he did try to bow several times. She was able to trim and shape both Krypt and Dynos hooves. Yeah!!! TAZ is still leery of having his hind hooves handled, no problems with the front one though. Ever since that vet took a cattle prod to his hindquarters, he doesn't like anyone doing anything around that area. Kirstin had to work forever just to get him to accept being brushed back there again. Thanks Dr. So & So. Luckily his hooves are in good shape, but Sara really wanted to try to get him to accept being handled on the rear hooves. She was able to get him to accept touching the hoof with the rasp and she stopped there. Stop while your ahead.

Kirstin is teaching the 2 girls from down the road how to ride. She will also be picking up her yearling in about a month. She is so excited to be training for the Mustang Makeover for a third year. She has also applied for the position of Mustang Representative II and is hoping to be accepted for that position.
Pics to come soon.

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