Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mustang pickup

Kirstin is so excited, she has just a few weeks left before she gets her Mustang yearling for this year's makeover. We will be picking up the yearling on July 10 in Piney Woods, Mississippi. She is already coming up with different names. Of course the name has to have meaning behind it. She is still training Maddie for our neighbor but plans to have her completely finished by the time the yearling arrives. She is just fine tuning her now. Our neighbor wants her to be neck reined so that is what Kirstin is focusing on now. Other than that, Kirstin has her rock solid for the young girls to ride.
Can't wait to watch as Kirstin develops her Mustang yearling into a willing partner.

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Karen C. said...

How exciting to be counting down the days! It will be here before you know it. Great job with Maddie! I am so impressed with Kirstin and what she is doing with horses. She has a gift and is very lucky to be able to share it with others.