Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Lil' Miss Remington, aka Remy

On July 22,  we picked up Kirstin's new yearling for this year's Extreme Mustang Makeover.  Kirstin is pleased to introduce to everyone Lil' Miss Remington; aka Remy!  The trip from Oklahoma went pretty well except for the one time that an idiot cut right in front of us causing us to slam on our brakes.  We heard Remy hit the trailer and when we got to our next stop we saw the cut above her eye.  It isn't bad but just the same if people would just realize that they can not cut in front of a trailer it would be soooo much nicer.   Love Remy's eyes!  They are so calm looking which just happens to be Remy's personality!  She is very calm and extremely trusting.  The pictures below are from the very first evening after we unloaded her.  Kirstin gave her about an hour to get used to the new surroundings and then......
 After a near tragedy our first year with having the rope attached at the facility we no longer do that so Remy is free to roam around without tripping or stepping on a rope.  Remy is in relatively good condition.  She is pretty tall for her age.  Based on previous medical history we estimate her to be about 15 months old.  She needs a little more weight on her but all in all she looks really good.  She has the curliest mane that we have ever seen. 
 After moving Remy around the pen for a few minutes Kirstin was able to approach her.  All it took was a few scratches on her withers before Remy was convinced that Kirstin was the best thing to enter her life.  The very first evening and she is already able to lean on her without any concern what so ever from Remy. 
 All of this in less than an hours worth of work!  Pretty amazing for both horse and trainer!  Kirstin is sooo excited about this horse!  She has a different personality and demeanor about her than her other horses.  She is learning at record speeds!  To date, Kirstin has already taught her to lead, stop, back up, pick up hooves, trot at a lead and has crawled under her belly(all of these pics are to come)! All in under 1 week!

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Ashley said...

WOO HOO! She is such an amazing young woman and I am PROUD to call her my sister! Good Luck Kirsty!!! I know you and Remy will go far. And she is SOOOO much cuter in person!!! I think we're already in love with Lil' Miss Remington