Monday, August 1, 2011

Progress update on Remy! End of week 1

One week since bringing Remy home and she is doing amazing.  She is a very smart horse.  Kirstin already has the basics down.  She is leading at a walk and a trot, stopping, backing, picking up all four hooves, turning on both the fore quarter and hind quarter. She has started lunge work on her and Remy is responding nicely. 
 Remy doesn't mind sprays either.  Here Kirstin is treating Remy's cut that she got on her way home from Oklahoma.  We use Vetericyn for all wounds now and love how quickly it works.   The cut is directly above her eye and then she also has a small scratch on her nose.   One week of treatment and the hair is already growing back. 
 OK, so Remy is learning ground tying which she does really well.  On a whim, Kirstin decided to see if she could cross under Remy's belly.  No problem, didn't even phase Kirstin.  The little girls in the picture are our neighbor's daughters.  They absolutely love Remy and are trying to talk their dad into adopting her when the competition is over.  They love to groom her.
 The youngest; Brianne, asked if she could go under her as well.  Kirstin said yes, told her what to do before she crosses under and she goes.  No big deal for Remy!
Just a really sweet picture!  Remy is just so well behaved! She loves people and especially loves to be brushed. 

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