Monday, November 3, 2008

EMM clinic

No new pics to post, Kirstin forgot to bring the camera to drill team practice. She took Taz to drill team yesterday. I wasn't able to attend because of work and husband/dad thinks I take way to many pictures so I left the camera detail to Kirstin. Well as usual they were running late and she forgot to pick up the camera before they left. Things went well with the drill team. Kirstin was actually able to run a large portion of the drill, Taz still doesn't like horses running directly at him and isn't 100% sure about riding knee to knee so Kirstin has to work on that. She also has to work on flag carrying if she wants to participate in the flag drill. Luckily this is the practice season, so there is plenty of time for her to work on it. Drill won't actually begin until after the new year.

On a more exciting note: Kirstin is going to go to the Mark Lyon clinic that he is hosting in Bertram and she is taking Taz. We live about 2-3 hours away and we figured this would be a great opportunity for Kirstin & Taz. I haven't told Kirstin yet that I have her signed up, my husband & I were in the talking about it stage, but I bit the bullet and called this morning to sign her up. I know that she will be so excited and I'm going to hear I can't wait til the 15th or I wished it was the 15th for the next 2 weeks. Just found out the Careen(Taz's trainer) is going to be there, so now Kirstin is going to be really excited. She was hoping that Careen could make it. She was thinking out loud yesterday, saying something to the effect about how cool it would be if Careen could come and they got to ride together. So now she will get to do that. Of course you all know me, plenty of pics to come

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