Monday, November 17, 2008

This is a picture of the 2 champs(horses)-Christian is the Legend's champion and Taz is the Idol's champion. It was such an awesome experience for Kirstin to get to ride with everyone that was there. In usual Mustang Makeover fashion, everyone was so friendly and helpful. Mark has a wonderful sense of humor and was able to convey his message no matter what level the person or their horse was at. Kirstin learned so much from this clinic as did I.

This was right after Kirstin finished her calf work. Mark had made a comment early on that they were here as a training clinic. During training you always put your horse first. During competition is when you put the calf first. At the end of Kirstin's run, Mark made a comment about Kirstin's good horsemanship because during her run she put the horse first just like he said. She was beaming ear to ear. Nothing makes a teenagers day like a compliment especially from someone who she looks up to.

Here is Kirstin waiting her turn to do the calf exercise. You might recognize the 2 people to the right of Kirstin-That is Careen Hammock and Lorrie Grover. Kirstin being able to participate with and learn from these trainers was just an extraordinary experience for her. She was like a sponge all day, soaking in all of the information.

Here is Careen on Taz and Kirstin on Scarlet. Scarlet is in training, Careen had brought her up to the clinic. Scarlet's owners were there and should be impressed with Scarlet's training, Careen has done another fantastic job. Kirstin was so excited to be able to visit with Careen again.

This was one of the many excercises that the clinic participants did. Before working with the calf, they worked in pairs so that they could get the idea of what to do. Here they are mirroring one another-they would go down to one end of the arena and pivot chase each other down to the other end. I'm sure that I'm not explaining it correctly, but hopefully, you get the jest of what they were doing.
This was as you can tell an unbelievable experience for Kirstin. Getting to reunite with so many EMM trainers was wonderful. During the reunion luncheon each one of the trainers got to introduce themselves and recount their memories of their training experience. It is really amazing to be with so many people who share your passion. We heard the good and the bad-there's not always a happy ending, but everyone was so open and honest about their experience. We have come to find that Mustang Makeover Trainers are the nicest people around-for them it's not about the competition-it's about the horse and that is what sets them apart from so many others.

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