Monday, November 17, 2008

Kirstin's other passion

For those wondering where Kirstin has been, she has another passion(I can hear the gasps):) Basketball. She is a freshman this year so she is playing on the junior varsity team and she is a starter. She loves basketball. She is the girl in purple on the lower portion of the picture, she is defending #20 in white. She has to go to basketball practice everyday after school and it usually lasts until 5:15/5:30ish which puts us home just before dark. Gives her just enough time to feed her horses before it gets too dark. Kirstin now only has the weekends to work with her horses. We were a little concerned about Taz having so many days off, but he takes it in stride, probably enjoying the break. He does wonderfully even though Kirstin no longer gets to work with him daily-this past weekend was perfect proof of that.

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