Friday, May 15, 2009

I have a secret!

I am having the hardest time keeping this to myself, so I am going to spill the beans here only because I know Kirstin won't be able to check her blog today at school-they've blocked sights like this. I got the email yesterday letting Kirstin know that she has been selected as 1 of the youths for this years Mustang Makeover. YEAH!!! I haven't told Kirstin yet because we have a plan up our sleeves. Tomorrow Kirstin & Taz will be in a local parade so we are going to have the parade announcer tell Kirstin that she has been selected as a trainer. Figured most of the area already knows that Kirstin trained the yearlings last year and that she adopted Taz at the makeover, so why not make them a part of this wonderful news. Hoping to get it on video, so I will post it if I do. Last night was so hard when she asked if I had heard anything and I had to say not yet and then I reminded her that only 25 youths were being selected so competition for this would be tough-not to be getting her hopes up to high(am I mean or what?). So all of you know this before Kirstin, but it won't be much longer then she will know and then for the next month, I will have to put up with "I wish it was June 13th," "I can't wait to pick up my horse" etc. Of course, I'm just as bad as she is about the waiting thing.

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