Monday, May 4, 2009

Some great pics of Taz & Kirstin

I haven't posted pictures of Kirstin & Taz in a few weeks, so here's some updated photos. Kirstin & Taz start the parade season next weekend with their first parade since October. Saturday morning they will head to Kennedy, Tx for a parade and then the following weekend they are off to LaVernia, Tx for a parade. Her reign as Rodeo Queen will come to an end in June, Kirstin has really enjoyed her time as Queen and having Taz as a partner has been great(The queen & her king).

He is so relaxed now when he goes out for a trail ride. Not much seems to bother him any longer. It's so nice now that Kirstin is comfortable and confident enough to take him anywhere she wants. She used to just keep him in the area right around the house-the area Taz is used to, but now she just goes. A lot of that has to do with Mark Lyon's clinic that she went to. She learned so much from him.

Off they go, look at how relaxed Taz is. Kirstin called me on her cell phone, so when I saw her number pop up I was thinking something was wrong. She wanted me to come outside, she had something to tell me. Every new thing that Kirstin does with Taz is monumental in her eyes and it is. You can just hear the excitement in her voice while she is describing it. She hasn't loped Taz down our driveway yet. There are horses on both sides of us that like to follow as you ride and I guess she was a little worried about how Taz would react if these horses started running after him. Well, yesterday she decided that it was time to try loping down the driveway and she just couldn't wait to tell me. Of course, he did great-what else would we expect of him.

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