Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kirstin, TAZ & Tuff

TAZ has been banned back to his smaller pen until his hoof heals completely. Last week when we had about 20 drops of rain, TAZ thought he was suppose to run around and cut up. He was running all around, straight up to the fence line and then doing a sliding stop, spin around and go to the opposite side and do the same. It was really neat to watch, but when we saw him pick up his hoof, we knew he did something to re-injure the cut that was healing. Sure enough, we go out there and he had punctured the healing wound, so now he is back in the smaller pen where he can't get so worked up. But now everytime Kirstin goes out there to train Tuff, TAZ looks at her as if to say "hey what about me???" So while Tuff was practicing being tied and learning some patience, she jumped on TAZ's back just a halter, no reins and off they go. Kirstin hasn't ridden TAZ very much since the initial injury, but TAZ is his usual self-perfect. He turns when asked, stops when asked. TAZ will never cease to amaze us. We were the luckiest people on earth the day we adopted him, he has been the perfect partner for Kirstin. Now on to Tuff....

Curious little boy that he is, Tuff starts to play with TAZ's feed pan.

Kirstin working on stops with Tuff. By the time she was finished, he was stopping when ever she stopped.
Tuff does something new-trotting at a lead. First time around he got a little excited and started kicking up his heels. So Kirstin asked 1 more time for a trot, and he did pretty good. She stopped him just before he thought about kicking up his heels again. A good note to stop the evening on.

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