Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What happens when you have a bored teenager & a very compliant yearling?

Tuff is working on ground tieing. He stood perfectly still while Kirstin went outside the pen to get a feed pan. She returned with the feed bucket so that she could do this:

She just wanted to see what Tuff would do if she put pressure on his back. He didn't seem to mind having her lean across his back.

Until she dangled her arms on the other side of him, then he took one small step.

Next she decided that she would try crawling underneath him. Even when her back rubbed up against his belly, he didn't budge.

Click on the picture and look at the smile on Kirstin's face. She was soooo excited that she was able to do this. She actually went underneath Tuff 4 different times-2 times on each side.

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lauren said...

Wow! Kirstin, you're moving right along! After having 3 yearlings last year, having just one is giving you time to stretch your imagination! Keep up the good work!