Monday, July 13, 2009

Over the weekend...

This past weekend, Tuff experienced some new firsts. First first was the picking of his hooves, he seemed to really enjoy this after he got used to the idea.

Another venture out of the safe zone. He did really well. Kirstin uses the flag stick to control his speed, if he tries to walk ahead of her, she just puts it up in front of him and he backs off, if he gets to close she waves close to his side and he backs away, etc.

Trailer was in a completely new place. We had used it the night before, so we just left it parked in front of our house, instead of next to the horse pen where it usually is. Tuff hesitated a little, but after a very short time, he followed Kirstin on. She backed him off and reloaded several different times.

On down the road we go. Kirstin rode on the trailer with Tuff while we traveled down our driveway. He did a pretty good job, he sat back once which kind of scared me, but not Kirstin.

Tuff got his first offical bath. In the past, Kirstin had just sprayed him off, but this time he got a full bath. He has some itchy spots, so Kirstin used a medicated shampoo on him. She just wanted to make sure she could rinse him completely before putting soap on him. He did great, and looks nice & shiny now. Still has some of the winter coat, wished we had clippers would try to clip him if we did.

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