Friday, March 19, 2010

Kirstin passes her love of horses on to our neighbor's daughters!

Last summer, Kirstin babysat for our neighbor's daughters. These 2 young girls had the time of their life with her. At that time, Kirstin exposed them to her love, her horses. Kirstin was heavy into the training of Tuff for the makeover, so the girls would spend that time watching Kirstin train him. Although the family owns horses, the girls would not have much to do with them other than petting them. Kirstin changed that. They now want to learn to ride and their dad is happy to see them getting interested in horses and hopes that they will stay involved with them like Kirstin has. He says, if only we had more young kids like Kirstin, she has such a passion and drive for what she does and it is so obvious that she loves what she is doing.

Brianne is the youngest, she doesn't quite fit in the saddle yet, but she loves to ride. Funny story, I caught her standing up on Trigger's back and she said that she always wanted to do that but couldn't because her dad was always around. I wasn't concerned as I know Trigger, he is a do anything type of horse, he really doesn't care what you do with him. Trigger is about 16 years old and does a little bit of everything. He loves barrel racing, carries a flag, is the horse that Kirstin uses for drill team, carries little kids on his back and knows they are little & takes care of them, carries adults who claim to know how to ride and will show them that they really DO NOT know how to ride.

Brianne likes to trot.

This is Victoria, she is the oldest of the two. She wasn't real sure about trotting.

Victoria learning how to turn Trigger.


Brianne learning the barrel pattern.

On her own!

Bringing it home! Trotting by herself.

Victoria's turn. Trig knows the barrel pattern and he really wanted to run it, but he stayed at a trot for Victoria.

Victoria bringing it home!

Kirstin is training a horse for this neighbor. It is the first saddle training that she has ever done. Although Maddie(7 yrs) came to Kirstin already saddle broke, she would not move, Kirstin would have to kick & kick to get her moving, she didn't back-not even on the ground, didn't pick up hooves. Kirstin started at the beginning with a lot of ground work. She now has Maddie moving under saddle at a walk and trot, backing on cue and is working on teaching Maddie neck reining as our neighbor wants her to be necked reined. She is very smart and a very fast learner. Pics to come soon.

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Careen said...

Great Job Kirsten. You are a great horse trainer and a great coach. Keep up all the hard work. Your mustangs are looking great!