Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Maddie

Kirstin has had Maddie a little over a month now. When she first came to Kirstin, Maddie had no problem being saddled or someone sitting in the saddle, but she didn't seem to have the go forward cue down. Kirstin felt bad because she had to kick so hard to get her going. So Kirstin decided to start from the beginning as if Maddie had no training what so ever. Ground work-Maddie led great, but that was about it. Kirstin began round pen work with her and things started changing, Maddie started to trust Kirstin and really wanted to please her. Here a some pics from the last few days of training.

Last night Kirstin was feeling a little lazy, she didn't want to drag all of the tack out, so she decided to see how Maddie would do bareback. To the best of our knowledge Maddie has never been ridden bareback. She wasn't too sure at first, Maddie knew something felt different when Kirstin got on, but it only took her a little while to get used to it and appreciate the fact that she didn't have to wear that heavy saddle.

Without the saddle, Maddie almost seemed to understand the cues better.

She went straight into a trot and maintained the trot for a long time.

Obstacles are no big deal for Maddie.

Watching Maddie back while Kirstin was riding bareback was the most amazing thing. Maddie is just learning to back, but without the saddle on, Kirstin barely had to cue her to get the back. Kirstin would raise the reins slightly, wiggle her butt and Maddie would back right away-not just one step either multiple steps, softly backing. By the time she was finished, Kirstin barely had to lift up on the reins to get the back. I think she might do a lot more training bareback.

Some round pen work. Maddie really needs this every time before she is ridden. She definitely listens better when she begins with the round pen.

Changing directions.

At a lope.

Job well done, Maddie coming in for her reward!

A good scratching from Kirstin. Maddie loves to be scratched.

In the saddle.

Kirstin has only taken Maddie out of the pen a couple of times. Still working on directional cues, but she is starting to venture out more and more. Maddie has made a lot of improvement since she has been here. She is a sweet natured horse and her age sometimes I think works against her(she's 7yr old) but she is responding well to Kirstin.

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