Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playday season begins 3/27/10

First playday of the season, Kirstin & Trigger are lead for the drill.

Trigger loves to perform in front of a crowd.

Flag drill.

Kirstin & Trigger taking off running the Poles event.

They didn't get a time on this event, Trigger broke pattern. He gets so excited at the last pole, he thinks he is suppose to keeping running straight, and Kirstin couldn't get him turned before they broke the timer barrier. They had a fantastic run other than that. Kirstin & Trigger also competed in Cloverleaf barrels and straight away barrels. They came in 5th out of 19 in each event. Not too shabby for a horse with no formal speed event training. Trigger has sooooo much heart, I have never seen a horse quite like him. His only desire in life is to please his rider. We were truly blessed when we bought him. He wasn't always like this though. I have seen this horse do a 180 since Kirstin started using him for drill.

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