Monday, September 20, 2010

Patriot's first outing.

Took Patriot to the arena on Sunday; 9/12. This was his very first outing, very first trailering since pick up and he did wonderful. Kirstin was a little concerned that he might be a little nervous, but it was like he had been going to the arena on a daily basis.
He even trotted very nicely. Kirstin is still having issues with the trot, but I think he's getting it.

We did trailer him with Mr. Reliable; himself. Trigger is the most level headed horse in the world. He is Mr. Reliable, we turn to him anytime we need help. We did have to separate them though, because Mr. Patriot kept wanting to nuzzle Trigger's side which Trigger mistook for a bite. Didn't want to take any chances. It was a fantastic trip. Patriot was very calm the entire way and he got to meet all of the horses from Kirstin's drill team. Great Exposure. Everyone loved him.

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