Monday, September 20, 2010

Patriot's first show 9/18

Patriot's second outing, first show. We took advantage of a local horse show in town to expose Patriot to a show environment. When we first arrived, he was a little nervous, but it took him about 2 minutes to calm down. This was a pretty big show with a lot of horses. But that didn't bother Patriot at all. He ended placing 3rd in the halter class and 7th in showmanship. Pretty awesome for this little guy.
Showmanship class. Keep in mind that Kirstin does not show horses, so this is all new to her. The judge really liked Patriot she said that he reminded her of a horse that she used to own when she was younger. She especially loved his ears. He has the cutest ears ever.

This was the beginning of the showmanship class, Kirstin was waiting her turn to go.

She entered a color class as well, but didn't place in that class. This is from the color class.
There is little Patriot and Kirstin waiting to go into the color class. Notice all of the horses around Patriot and notice how calm he is. Even when horses backed into him, he would just turn his head as if to say, hey watch where you are going!

Going back to the stall. His first time ever on cement. That didn't bother him one bit. He even walked through water puddles without a problem.

Halter class.

Beginning of halter class.

Getting love from Kirstin and Jamie.

Just a waitin around.
We were really proud of Kirstin and Patriot. Patriot was very well behaved, acting better than many of the seasoned show horses there. Kirstin didn't go there expecting to walk away with any ribbons, so she was thrilled to get the two that she received. She is now more confident than ever about how Patriot will behave at the real show. She also got to pinpoint some things that she still needs to work on, like trotting at a lead and sidepassing.

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