Monday, October 18, 2010

Kirstin & Patriot's busy weekend

Part of Kirstin's job as an American Mustang Representative II requires that she give a presentation to both a youth group and an adult group. This weekend Kirstin gave the presentation to both groups. As about a 10 minute speech on the mustang, their plight as well as some training tips, Kirstin took Patriot out to the arena to run through what she has planned for a possible finale. He did fantastic of course.
Kirstin answering questions after their performance.

Kirstin showing one of the guest how to cue Kryptonite for leg reining.

The RyKo Wilson Band(half of it anyway) was the entertainment for the afternoon! Great music! Derrick is the lead singer and just happens to be Kirstin's brother. And Ryan is like Kirstin's second brother. So we are very lucky to have both of these guys around.

Kirstin and Patriot doing part of the finales that they plan to do if they make the top 10.
Isn't he gorgeous!!! For those of you who have followed Kirstin for the past 3 years, you know that she has always put her yearlings up for adoption. Not this year, she will be bringing Patriot home with her. As her parents, we feel that she is ready to finish her first out completely and Patriot is the perfect student for her to learn on.

Kirstin also did a short reining pattern with Kryptonite. The people there could not believe that a year ago, he was a wild horse. So many could be heard saying "He's a Mustang" Like a mustang looks any different than a domesticated horse. But, I think what was more impressive was the way both Kryptonite and Patriot behaved. They were awesome, both of them. We had a couple of other Mustangs there as well and all of the attendees were able to ride afterwards if they wanted to.

Kirstin explaining to the crowd about the freeze brand on Mustangs.

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