Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're Home!!!!

A little late in posting this, but we are trying to recoup from a extremely long trip. 17 hours; each way, driving time pulling a horse is not fun. Actually Patriot was a real trouper. He did excellent the entire trip. Kirstin and Patriot finished in the top ten-Tenth to be exact. They went into the finales on Saturday and placed 9th overall. Patriot decided that Saturday afternoon in front of everyone, he was going to act like a 2 year old. He did not want to stand still or walk-trot was great, even got a lope but not what Kirstin was wanting. So she was not able to do most of her finale's performance, but they did well just the same. Patriot is now back home and happy to be out of a stall. Kirstin will start training him to ride in the near future so keep watching for updates. She now has a job of getting Dyno back to riding. He is a little difficult to ride right now, not enough time spent on his back. But he is well trained and it should not take long to accomplish this.


Sophie said...

I just read through this entire blog! I love seeing Kristen's progress and how she's learned som much from each different horse. She was clearly a different person when she took on those first three mustangs! I'm so glad she's made it to the finals these past few years. I hope she continues with it. I'm absolutely in love with mustangs too, my horse is a mustang filly and I did a local youth version of EMM. I didn't have any formal training either. Gracie was really difficult, she didn't want to be haltered for a long long time and she always managed to get the halter off! Now she's the most incredible horse in the world, in my opinion. She's my best friend in the world! Kristin is doing some great work with all these amzing horses.

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Thank you Sophie. It is true, I have grown so much through these projects. I once was a very shy girl, but that was before my mom & dad adopted my very first Mustang; Sakari, for my 12th birthday. She showed me that anything can be accomplished if you really put your heart & soul into it. It was really difficult having to give my yearlings up for adoption but I take solice in knowing that they have all gone to great homes and more people just like me are finding out that Mustangs are fantastic horses. I did get to keep Patriot and am starting to saddle train him so keep checking back for occassional updates. I really enjoy learning along with my Mustangs and have learned something new with each one.