Monday, October 4, 2010

Patriot and fire!

As you can tell, he really could care less about the fire. Maybe it is because Kirstin is next to him. He trust her completely and knows that she will never put in him in harm's way.
More saddle practice. This is a child's saddle so it is perfect for him. He is really starting to accept having something on his back.

More tarp work. Kirsin wants to make sure that he is ready for just about anything.

Blanket. Not sure of where Patriot is going from the show, but we are pretty sure that a blanket will be need. Kirstin thought it best to do that work herself so that he is ready for whatever happens after the show.
Kirstin has one problem and that is with trailering. Not getting him into the trailer. He walks onto a trailer without any cueing what so ever. The problem is getting him off. He just does not want to leave the trailer. He truly likes it in there. He doesn't back out yet, so Kirstin would turn him around and lead him out. Before his last outing that was never a problem, but ever since it is. I think he likes to go places and we don't take him places often enough for him. That will end as the next couple of weeks will be on the road each weekend.

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