Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remy update

Remy meeting Eli!  Eli wasn't too sure about her sniffing his ear.  I think he was afraid that she would bite him. 
Remy the first time Kirstin tried to make her jump.  She is now jumping barrels.  Pics to come soon!
Kirstin's nephew; Daniel, sitting on Remy!  He loves all of Kirstin's horses but claims Patriot as his horse.
Kirstin using the one and only domestic horse that is on our place to pony Remy.  Trigger is the most reliable horse in the world; calm with an easy going attitude! Trigger is the first horse that Kirstin took an interest in 11 years ago!  He is the horse that turned her into the horse person that she is!  The remaining 5 horses on our place are all Mustangs!

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