Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Remy's first time in the open arena!

When I received a portion of my inheritance, the first thing that I had done was a riding arena!  With a total of 6 horses, and plenty of people coming out to ride all of the time I felt it was important that we had an enclosed riding area.  But also knowing that Kirstin might be training a yearling again was a major reason I wanted the arena.  The nearest arena is 30 miles away and was hard to get to on a regular basis so Kirstin never got to do much arena work.  Now she has a full size arena that if the horse escapes, can't get out of! This was Remy's first time out of her pen since she came home a little over a week ago.  She was a little nervous at first, but calmed down very quickly.  Kirstin walked her around the entire arena. 
 Then she trotted the arena.  Remy did great!
 Worked on stops.  Remy has a great stop!
 Fly spray and spraying medicine on Remy has never been a problem! Kirstin started using Vetericyn the very first day we arrived with Remy.  The cut that she received on our trip home is looking great.  Hair is already starting to grow back. 
Chilling while Kirstin talks to all of us onlookers.

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