Monday, March 2, 2009

Kirstin riding Taz Bridleless!

Again, I am new at this video thing so please bear with me. I hollered out the back door to see if Kirstin needed any help with Taz and she said no, I'm keeping him in the round pen because I'm going to ride him bridleless. So of course I hollered back, Wait! I want to video that. Taz is such an amazing horse and He & Kirstin just seem to click. I know that with time I will eventually look out & see Kirstin riding him in the middle of the pasture without anything, but for now this is only done inside of the round pen. But even still, it is an amazing thing to watch.


Hoof'n It said...

FANTASTIC!!! I am so proud of you two! Dang! I need to make more time to learn how to do that. Watching Kirstin reminds me what it was like being a kid...but I did not know anything other than getting out and just riding. Keep up the good have a gift!

And Priscilla, you have a gift too! What a great family!

Karen and Tripp

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Thanks Karen. I am truly blest. Kirstin does all of this with the horses, plays on the varisty softball team right now and maintains a 97.2 grade average in high school. I couldn't ask for much more. And we have Taz as a topper. This has truly been a remarkable year for all of us, esp Kirstin.
Hugs to all,