Monday, March 9, 2009

Taz has a spa day.

This is the first time that we have had a farrier out. Both of our horses were in bad need of a trim. We really should have done it sooner, but time just seems to slip by. Fortunately, living out in the sandy soil that we live in helps to keep their hooves filed, but they were in need of shaping & Taz has a crack in one of his front hooves that we wanted the farrier to look at. The crack is looking good and almost grown out.

Taz surprised us and behaved really well while his front hooves were being done.

His rear hooves were a different story. He just didn't want those done. The farrier was extremely patient & gentle(even after Taz kicked out at him) and he worked with Taz for a quite a long time. He was able to get this side trimmed, but Taz would have nothing to do with the file. The other side, his sensitive side; Taz would not stand still. Instead of getting Taz into a tizzy trying to get that one done, he advised waiting a little while, gave Kirstin some tips on getting him used to handling his rear legs again and we will reschedule his visit. We blame ourselves on this one because we didn't handle his legs like we should have. Kirstin continued his training as far as in the saddle was concerned, but... that's OK, it gives Kirstin something new to work with.

Taz also had a bath the day before, so it was a spa weekend for him. He wasn't sure about the bath at first, but by the time Kirstin was done, he was loving every minute of it.

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