Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Taz gives us a scare

Nothing new to add, but that's TAZ's fault. Saturday morning started out as a perfectly normal day. Kirstin got up fed all of the horses and calves. Everything was perfect. She had some Rodeo Queen activities to go to in the morning and was suppose to have a softball game. The softball game got cancelled due to rain-yes you heard me right. We finally got some much needed rain-a little over an inch. The afternoon started clearing out so I sent Kirstin outside to work the horses. She came running in, mom, mom Taz is hurt. My heart sunk to my stomach. What could he possibly have done-he was still in the round pen from earlier. I went out to see what was going on and he could barely put any weight one of his rear hooves and he wouldn't let us anywhere near his hindquarter. The round pen has nothing in it that could have hurt him-no rocks, no sharp points or corners. The only thing we could figure is that because of the rain maybe he slipped while cutting up, but there was no sign of slippage on the ground. We looked to see if maybe he got his leg caught up in one of the rails, but couldn't find any sign of that either. We were baffled to say the least. I gave him a dose of Bute and told Kirstin to keep a close eye on him and if things weren't better come morning time, we would call the vet out. I think I called in all of my favors with God that day because I was praying all day and all night that he was OK-I was that worried. I woke up early the next morning I wanted to get out there before Kirstin but she must of heard me, so we went out there together. We were expecting the worse, but when we got there we found Taz trotting around like nothing happened. I think both of us shouted "Thank-you God" in unison. So to this day, we have no idea what was wrong but he is his usual self again. I'm starting to think that Taz just wanted to get out of working that day.

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Hoof'n It said...

The power of prayer....

I soooo glad that Taz is okay! Can't have one of Tripp's brothers hurt! :-)

Karen and Tripp