Monday, March 30, 2009

Taz gets a refresher, cont'd

Taz has always been a little sensitive to things flapping on his right side. So while working with Taz on picking up his hooves, Kirstin used the rope to desensitize both sides. At first he wasn't too sure about having the rope thrown over him, he would flinch a little each time it hit him, but he settled down and started accepting the rope being thrown over him.

This maneuver he wasn't too sure about, he took off the first time Kirstin attempted looping the rope around his belly. After he adjusted to that she started swinging it, seesawing it up and down the entire length of his body.

Kirstin eventually worked the rope down the length of his rump and down to his legs-again seesawing it back & forth. Again notice he is ground tied and staying put. Such a good boy.

She finally gets the rear hoof up with no problem. She rubbed him all over his hind leg and he was very accepting of everything. But, he is accepting of just about anything Kirstin asks of him. Had it been me or her father, it might have been a different story.

Taz could do all of this at the competition. He only became leery of it because we didn't continue to pick up his hooves like we should have. Now that Kirstin knows that she can do this she will have to continue until he is completely comfortable with not just her handling his hooves but others as well. He makes work fun-doesn't seem much like work.

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