Monday, March 9, 2009

Kirstin start flag training with Taz

Kirstin is hoping to use Taz for her Drill team, but he is still unsure about the flags they carry, so she starts desensitizing him to flags. She starts out with a very small American flag. As you can see he isn't crazy about the idea of the flag getting anywhere near him.

Patience pays off. Kirstin held the flag over Taz's eyes for about a minute and he didn't budge.

Now it's time it desensitize the rest of this body. Taz has issues with anything on this side of him. Kirstin always has to take things a little slower on this side.

Flag over the top of the head no problem.

Carrying the flag on top of him. This was a different prospective for him. He wasn't too sure about Kirstin carrying the flag while riding him, but he got used to it and she was even able to move it around. Next week, we increase the size of flag.
Double click on this photo and look at the expression on Kirstin's face. That smile says it all!

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