Monday, July 26, 2010

Mustang Patriot Week 1

Week 1 has been absolutely amazing. Patriot has been very cooperative with Kirstin. He is a very quick learner. I don't think that the bond has formed just yet, at least not in the way that Tuff did. But, Patriot now views Kirstin as lead horse and although he might not always want to do what is asked, he does so out of repect. I'm beginning to think that this is better than the way Tuff was. Tuff was so laid back and at times came across as lazy or half doing things. I am hoping that this is different with Patriot. Patriot has to try for the right answer and he is trying very hard, you can see that he is looking for the right answer. Luckily Kirstin makes that easy on him. She has become much more clear and concise in what she is asking for and has become very easy to read. She has learned so much with each and every Mustang that she has worked.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis you are doing so amazing with Him! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work! You are truly gifted with horses!! :)