Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mustang Patriot

Pictures will be coming soon, hopefully tomorrow. My computer here at home is just too slow to try to upload photos. We made it to Mississippi on Friday evening, located the pickup in Piney Woods, MS and then settled down to a very rainy evening. Saturday morning we were up and ready to roll by 7:00am, we wanted to make sure we were one of the first couple in line. We were the second ones to arrive there. Pens were full of beautiful mustangs. Kirstin was anxious to find out which one was to be hers. She was assigned a beautiful black gelding from Wyoming. He has a beautiful full mane and tail. He is a lot taller than Tuff was, but appears to be realitively calm in nature, but not so laid back that Kirstin will have to work to get him to work. He walked right into the chute and didn't give the handlers any problems getting the halter on. He then walked very calmly out of the chute and right onto our trailer. It didn't take him anytime at all to settle in and get his trailer legs. He stood backward the entire trip. We made several stops along the way and opened up the middle gate so that he could walk around. We gave him hay and water at these stops which he gladly consumed. We were relieved to see that he wasn't so stressed out. He moved easily back into the front of the trailer when it was time to hit the road again. We didn't arrive home until about 11:00pm, backed the trailer up to his new home. He wasn't to sure about leaving the trailer, didn't know what awaited him in the dark. Patriot finally decided that it couldn't be all bad, so he calmly stepped down into his new home.
Went out this morning, when all of the other horses started neighing, he neighed. He had his halter on at this time. But, when Kirstin went back out after breakfast, he had removed his halter. So, now he is halterless. He was calm enough that Kirstin started training. She was able to rub him all over with the cane pole on both sides. He appears to be very one sided right now, but it won't take Kirstin long to get him over that. He has approched her, but she is taking it slow for now. She is on his time schedule right now. The day will come very soon when he is on her time schedule. Check back, hopefully sometime tommorrow I will get pictures posted.

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