Friday, July 30, 2010

Week Two down!

Week two down. As you can see Patriot and Kirstin are moving right along. I do not believe that I have ever seen a horse who is so willing to please as Patriot is. He is doing everything that Kirstin has asked and he is doing these things really well. She has been working on turning. A big problem she had last year with Tuff was turning of the fore quarter, not with Patriot. Patriot is making great fore quarter turns, not turn pivoting turns yet, but turning very easily. Of course, hind quarter turns are a piece of cake and he is pivoting quite nicely for them. Lungeing is going well and he is picking up on voice cues. Leading, he follows like a puppy dog, picking up hooves-he is at the point that he anticipates the next hoof and has it ready to be picked up. Kirstin introduced fly spray last night. Fly spray has always been a little bit of work to get any of her past horses to accept. It didn't happen in one night for them. But,Patriot could care less. He didn't move an inch when Kirstin started spraying him and he stayed perfectly still for both sides. Kirstin was amazed, she was prepared for a fight. Not happening, She also worked on backing using the Clinton Anderson method as just applying pressure didn't work. This is working, by the end of the training she just had to waive the stick to get a back. Patriot trusts her that much already!

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Hoof'n It said...

Hey there! Patriot sure is handsome! I was going to call him 'cute' but with a name like Patriot it just did not sound right. You guys are doing great! Guess what? We have our tickets!!!! We will be seeing you in TN! Woo hoo!!!!!
Karen and Tripp....well, Tripp won't be there but Brian will. Ha!