Monday, July 19, 2010

Patriot's second day in his new home.

Notice Patriot's face, what's missing? The escape artist in him showed up sometime between us waking up and eating breakfast. We woke up and the halter was on, Kirstin went out to do her first training and the halter was off. I; being her mom, was a little concerned, but not Kirstin. She just said it was no big deal. She would get it back on. She did 3 training sessions yesterday. She started out with the cane pole and worked her way up to her petting him by the third session. She was beside herself, she just couldn't believe this was happening so fast. Last night she came in and said guess what? She showed me Patriot's neck rope/number and then told me she got his halter back on. Go figure, mom and her camera was not outside to capture that!

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